Making body care products for you and your family

Working with plants to make health care products is an empowering experience that will reconnect you to nature. Most everything we need is to heal ourselves is around us. It is astonishing to see how often the very plant we need to heal ourselves is growing very close to our home often at our doorstep.

These days most body care products, that are not organic, contain a long list of synthetic chemicals including very small synthetic chemicals called nano-particles. Nano- particles penetrate our body at the molecular level. There has been no testing on the consequences of the long term effects of the penetration of nano-particles into our bodies.

Science by itself can often reduce our vision. For example, skin problems; in herbalism we treat not only the surface of the skin with a cream, poultice or wash but work from the inside out with a tea or a tincture. Whole plant based products, filled with active ingredients, work on many levels as compared to products containing one extracted ingredient. Well known tonic herbs produce almost no adverse reactions and have been tested by millions of users throughout history

In this workshop you will learn the complete process to make creams, salves, teas and tinctures from harvesting in our forest or gardens to putting your creation in a jar to take home with you.

The principal activities and subjects covered are:

  • Creating a list of plants to address your particular needs
  • Learning the basic knowledge to properly identify plants and the best resources to help you
  • An overview of the life cycle of plants and the best time to harvest them in a sustainable manner
  • Making body care products from start to finish
  • Learning where to find containers and other material needed for transformation
  • Sources for further study

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