Forest Bathing

Looking up at forest WEBFrom the beginning we have been surrounded by the presence of plants; it is not only upon the soil, other plants, or the insects that the aromatics of plant world fall. They fell upon our species as well all during our long growth we breathed them in.

–Stephen Harrod Buhner

Log Bridge WEBWhat is forest bathing?  In 1982, the Forest Agency of Japan introduced a program to encourage people to get out in nature. They called the program, “Shinrin-yoku” or “forest bathing”. Its goal is to encourage the population to literally bathe their minds and bodies in the publicly owned forests networks as standard preventive medicine. In the past few years the Japanese have been conducting research experiments in the forest to examine the effects on people of spending time in the forest. Dramatic decreases in stress hormone levels as well as dramatic increases in immune function were observed.

Toad Stool WEB

Bonnie has been living in the forest for more than a decade often with minimal shelter. She has observed in herself and her guests the effects the Japanese studies prove. As a professional, forest, herbalist and researcher, Bonnie is aware how the forest can effect and communicate with people on the physical, psychological and spiritual planes.


(Reservation required)

INTRODUCTION TO FOREST BATHING: We discuss and introduce the concept of forest bathing and why it works. After drinking an herbal tea made with plants from the forest and receiving a bottle of non toxic insect repellent, we accompany you for the first hour to help you tune in to the forest and identify the trees and plants that will help you the most. After which, you can stay until dusk in the forest on your own. Before you leave, we discuss your experience and give you advice on how to give more place to nature in your life by using essential oils, teas and herbs at home.

  • $25.00 par person plus tax
  • $12.50 for children less than 16 years old plus tax

FOREST BATHING – SAVAGE CAMPING WEEKENDForest: A weekend includes everything in “Introduction to Forest Bathing” as well as a tent site for 2 nights and vegetarian meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner each day) that we harvest, prepare and share together.

  • $100.00 for the first person plus tax
  • $50.00 pour each additional person plus tax
  • Free for Children less than 16 years old

Tent WEB


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