Four Season Gardening

One of the greatest challenges for food self sufficiency in Quebec is our long winter. We have found ways to extend the growing season that do not include an expensive, plastic greenhouse.

A hardy meal from the garden and the root cellar in winter.


The principle activities and topics covered are:

  • Planning a garden with rustic plants
  • Planting perennial fruits and vegetables that can be harvested early in spring
  • Learning about vegetables that can survive frosts
  • Building and inexpensive cold frames
  • Sprouting seeds
  • Cold rooms and root cellars
  • Starting plants early inside in winter

Leeks growing in the snow.

In spring, a cold frame filled with overwintered greens

Hardy, winter radishes harvested in December before the ground froze over.

Sprouting is one of the best ways to grow fresh greens in the winter.


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