Start Simple With Solar Workshops

A journey starts with the first step

 Inspiration for Action

Learn how to put together a solar-electric system that you can afford now !

Take the power into your hands!

When we hear about solar power for our homes, we are led to believe that we can run all our appliances with solar power. That is if you are ready to invest between $20-30,000.00 for a solar system.  Few people can afford this.   Our position is different.  We believe solar energy has many applications, in the house and in the industry, but cannot replace all other type of energy,if we take into account most people’s budget.

Solar is great for lighting, run laptops and to recharge many small devices, like cell phones, digital cameras, etc.  It’s possible to do it with a small system that many people can afford and anyone can assemble.  People can literally take power into their own hands now.   

  In our workshop, we’ll share our experience using solar energy and other more conventional type of energy to satisfy our needs.  In this workshop, we’ll try to explain the potential and the limits of solar energy.   We’ll also answer your technical questions, in terms anyone can understand.

 Most of the components that we will use during the workshop can be found locally at the big box store, auto supply stores, hardware stores and through local small specialized entrepreneurs.

 The “Start Simple With Solar” workshop will help people who want to take their first step using clean,renewable energy. Through hands on exercises, workshop attendees will learn how to successfully design and install a simple, solar electric power system, for lights and small electronics.

 Note: We neither sell nor install solar systems.  We want to share our enthusiasm for this alternative energy and help people get started on a greener path.


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